About Heathen

An Exploration Into Self Through Health and Technology

Heathen is a blog about mental health and its relationship to the body and disease. My name is Julian and I have anxiety and depression which has persisted through my adult life. I am now almost 28 years old and created Heathen as a way to explore health and its relation to the mind in order to become to get a better understanding for myself, as well as for people who come across my blog.

We live in an era of mental health crisis. We are constantly bombarded by messages in the media that being mentally ill is now ‘OK’, but is that really the message we want to put across to young people?

The truth is, mental illness is not ‘OK’, it’s a disease that destroys quality of life, wrecks relationships, reduces functionality and can often feed into chronic disease. I want to change that. I want views about mental health to go beyond ‘OK’. I want understanding about what causes mental health issues and the subsequent impact on the human body. I want society to change, to connect and offer support to people suffering from illness. Acceptance is the first step, now let’s get to a point of understanding.

In a society so swept up in fast paced technology and social media, we cannot ignore the impact of technology on our mental and physical health. As a result, this blog also explores topics of internet addiction and the influence of social media on our minds. We live in a period of social transformation as rapid and pioneering as the Industrial Revolution was for the rural British. We are living in times of unprecedented change and the flood of information from the internet is undoubtedly impacting how we interact with one another, shaping our mental and physical well being. For these reasons, technology is as bound up in this blog as the body and the mind.

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